Five ex-convicts start a restaurant…




“My goal is to translate the director’s vision onto the screen, make the actors look good and feel pretty. Create the mood of each scene and overall look of the film or video, regardless of the budget. Capture as much production value as possible and most importantly, finish on schedule… I love what I do. My cinematography is as good as the people I work with. I am very grateful and privileged to be surrounded by a faithful and experienced crew.”

After filmschool, Narafi Brussels, Diego (1977) began his career as a camera assistant in drama… it was a great learning experience! He saw ‘how magic works’ and fell in love with cinematography. Later he became a cameraman, a new challenge. He filmed “easy on the eyes” documentaries all around the world, corporate movies, current affairs and commercials. “Filming documentaries trains you to listen, to pay attention to the story and find the best way of filming in every situation… The challenge is to remain creative in unexpected changing circumstances. In these environments you’re constantly making decisions on the spot…  here you get experienced!” he says.

Now, Diego has been director of photography for several TV series and feature films:

Gent-West | Mathieu Mortelmans & Jeroen Dumoulin | Telenet & vier | 10×50′ | Marmalade

Allemaal Familie  | Dries Vos | feature film | Marmalade

Auwch_  | Geoffrey Enthoven | vier | 10×25′ | Fobic Films

Amigo’s | Kadir Balci & Hendrik Moonen | vtm | 10×50′ | A Private View

Spitsbroers | Gijs Polspoel & Jeroen Dumoulin  | vtm | 10×50′ | deMensen

Nieuw Texas | Jeroen Dumoulin & Dries Vos | één | 13×30’| Zodiak

Marsman | Mathias Sercu & Eshref Reybrouck | één | 8×50′ | Sultan Sushi

Danni Lowinski | Christophe Ameye & Gijs Polspoel | vtm | 25×45’| Sultan Sushi

Red Sonja | Gijs Polspoel | canvas | 8×30′ | Sultan Sushi

Walt Disney’s On Tour Peter Borghs | Disney Chanel | 10×25′ | Sultan Sushi

De Rodenburgs 2  | Christophe Ameye & Gijs Polspoel | vtm | 18×45′ | Skyline Film & Television

De Rodenburgs | Christophe Ameye, Kurt Vervaeren & Lien Willaert | vtm | 24×45′ | Skyline Film & Television

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‘n Feest van herkenning voor mannen, ‘n zucht van herkenning voor vrouwen’


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Marsman tells the story of 40-year-old Nico Marsman, who takes care of his autistic brother after the death of their mother.


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2 broers, 1 droom

The Team

Trafficking, forced prostitution, and tax fraud. A European investigation team investigates organized crime across borders in Europe.

Red Sonja

Tragikomische reeks over een vrouw van middelbare leeftijd en haar flamboyante alter ego in de virtuele wereld.

De Rodenburgs


The Rodenburgs are an influential, very wealthy family, which lives in a small castle near the Flemish city Kortrijk. As in “Dallas”, the fortune patriarch Karel gathered doesn’t bring them much happiness. And a complex, partially illegitimate family tree is just part of the dirty intrigue. Ambitious oldest son Olivier represents them in politics.

Danni Lowinski

13 x 45′ – vtm – Sultan Sushi – 2011

13 x 45′ – 2012

directors: Christophe Ameye & Gijs Polspoel

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