an Irish, Canadian and Belgian coproduction

Police Crime TVserie of 6eps 50′ for Irish, CanadianTV & Netflix

directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan & Kadir Ferati Balci

written by Peter McKenna

starring: Angelina Ball, Simon Kirby, Micheal Ironside, Wouter Hendrickx, Charlie Carrick & Sophie Jo Wasson

A routine raid led by Emer Berry, a detective in the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau, reveals that a small-time drug dealer has been receiving substantial funding from a seemingly untraceable source – not in cash, but in rough diamonds. When these diamonds are linked to a series of bombings in Belgium, Emer is forced to work with Police Commissioner Christian De Jong. Eventually, reluctantly banding together, they unravel a political conspiracy fuelling domestic unrest for financial gain; caught up in this web of greed are the Brannigans, a wealthy Irish dynasty with ties to Antwerp. Drawn into a battle of wits with the family, Emer, Christian, and the CAB team must follow the money to stop another terrorist attack – before it’s too late.


Angeline Ball as EMER BERRY (Keeping Faith, Shameless, Doc Martin)

Wouter Hendrickx as CHRISTIAN DE JONG (Blackout, Cordon, Bergman Island)

Simone Kirby as BIBI MELNICK (His Dark Materials, Peaky Blinders, Artemis Fowl)